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Financial system development <br>Data Analysis

Financial system development
Data Analysis

  • Net
  • C#
  • VB
  • Python
Web Service Development and Operation for SaaS/B2B/B2C

Web Service Development and Operation for SaaS/B2B/B2C

  • Front end
  • Back end PHP
  • GoLang
  • C#
Advanced interactive web application

Advanced interactive web application

  • AngularJS
  • ReactJS
  • VueJS
Speedy multi-platform mobile app

Speedy multi-platform mobile app

  • Kotlin
  • Flutter
  • ReactNative
Internal business web system/support tool

Internal business web system/support tool

  • .Net
  • Java
  • PHP
  • C#
Advanced infrastructure construction/development

Advanced infrastructure construction/development

  • C
  • Shell
  • Python
  • Perl
Support System Business automation solution

Support System Business automation solution

  • RPA
  • Tensorflow
  • OpenCVl
  • ML
  • DL
Operational solution on Cloud

Operational solution on Cloud

  • AWS
  • Kubernetes
  • GCP
Business Business


IT・Business consulting

IT・Business consulting

We have a wide range of business lines in IT solution・Vendor selection, Business Analysis, Project planning・PMO work, AWS introduction・ Transfer plan, Infrastructure Architecture Design, etc. Beside, we are also providing DX promotion support services and launching new business services, we support you from the planning stage from to the final stage of opening the business.

System integration

System integration

The system supports the fields of “Financial”, “Government/Research Institute”, “Retail Tech”, and “Enterprise”.

Our engineers are working in nine locations: Tokyo, Tsukuba, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hai Phong, Vientiane, Vancouver, Osaka, and Pakse.

We specialize in web applications, data management, low-code development, cloud construction/migration, cloud security, infrastructure construction, and system operation.

We can make the most of these management resources and propose the variety of systems that suits for each project.
For example, a hybrid team (3 Japanese and 7 foreigners) for a project where quality is important, but there are aslo cost issues, and a Japanese-only team for a project where quality is an issue. We can propose a team of only foreigners for projects such as “projects with problems in cost and speed”.

We aim to provide one-stop client work that matches the needs of our customers, so there is no such thing as exorbitant estimates or unnecessary development.

In-house Service In-house Service

Company service

DX Promotion Support Service

DX Promotion Support Service

A service that supports DX initiatives.

  • Develop DX human resources who have both business and IT skills necessary for promoting DX by providing a specialized environment through exchange study-work program between Pascalia and corporates.
  • Promote a project for DX with the support of the community cooperation, led by members who have joined the exchange study-work program.
  • Launch a DX organization within the client organization and commit to making all employees will be digitalized.

***In Kanda, where the headquarters is located, there is a movement to create a community by calling the local Kanda, where there are many small and medium-sized software companies, “Kanda Valley” instead of Silicon Valley. With the spread of the Internet and globalization, it is no longer the decade of a single company doing solo-business. We will make up for the delay in Japan’s DX.

Cashback Service

Cashback Service

“The usual online shopping,travel and restaurant reservations, from moving to insurance quotation”. It is a membership service where you can get cash back wherever you use it.

Matching “consumers who want to buy wisely” and “companies that actual buyers want to know about”
aiming for a special daily life.

In-house Service In-house Service

The vision of community co-operation

Nowadays, people are freely moving around the world thanks to information sharing and globalization via the Internet, it is not the time for a single company to do business alone.

+ Create the value of “a school of small fish > big fish”
+ A flexible organization that adapts to diversification of values and changes in the environment (group = community)

+ Create a win-win system by sharing expertise (work abroad) within the community

  • In the spirit of altruism, we help each other
  • Become a globally competitive community based on Japan’s strengths of “cooperation and sustainability” and “connecting culture”

+ Information can be shared within the community

  • Governance is effective in terms of fair prices and income disparities
  • It becomes easier to attract excellent engineers
  • Can suppress unnecessary competition and independence

+ New value is created, and the herd increases all over the world

  • The community concept can be horizontally deployed not only in the IT industry but also in industries that have the same issues, such as health establishments and advertising agencies.
  • It can help Japan to develop a business that is competitive in the world
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Recruitment :

Let’s continue to create new value all over the world ! We are looking for new encounters !