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Information security basic policy

Our company is related to information security, “Improvement of employees’ social responsibilities”, “reliable protection from threats and vulnerabilities”, “Improvement of social reliability by appropriate operation” We will formulate and implement the following information security policy below.

1. Compliance with laws and regulations

We will comply with laws and regulations related to information security, guidelines, internal regulations, and other norms

2. Protection of information assets

The Company shall implement risk assets for information assets, clarify important information assets, related threats and vulnerabilities, and take appropriate risks. In addition, we take appropriate human, physical and technical management measures to prevent illegal entry, leakage, falsification, loss, destruction, etc.

3. Response to security cases and accidents

In the unlikely event that information security issues occur, we will prevent the expansion, strive to recover, investigate the cause, and work to prevent recurrence.

4. Implementation of education and training

We will provide employees to promote and maintain information security management measures, including this basic policy, to increase the awareness of social responsibilities regarding information security of employees.

5. Continuous improvement

We will conduct regular evaluation and review of information security management measures, including this basic policy, to maintain and improve it.

Date of Date November 1, 2009

Last revision date July 1, 2021

Pascalia Inc.

CEO Segawa So

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