Take courage and dive into a new world.
Meet new people and acquire new knowledge.
Experience the world or culture you have never been before.
Compare yourself to others is unnecessary.
Be who you are on your own journey.
Be excited is the key to open the door to the next world.
Keep yourself changing becomes an energy.
Make the sustainable future with your passion and excitement.


Recruitment Process

  • Step 1 Step 1

    Technical Test + Techincal Interview

  • Step 2 Step 2

    EQ test + Interview

Recruitment Info

Job Position Fresher/ Intern
Job Target From 3rd-year student / Fresher
Job Requirements 1. Must-have skills
-Basic knowledge of program language such as PHP / NodeJS / Java, C# etc
-Basic knowledge of databases such as MySQL, Postgres etc
-Have knowledge of OOP, MVC patterns.

2. Nice-to- have skills
-Know how to use one of Docker, Vagrant, Redis, Git, Frameworks like Angular, React, Flutter, etc
-Good English communication (verbal and written) skills
-Open mindset and positive attitude
-Problem-solving skills
-Being studious, active, creative and positive in working
-Extraordinary attention to details
-Ability to conduct research into software-related issues and products
-Ability to analyze and propose your solution
Benefits - Amazing Leave Options –15 days annual leave per year, Vietnamese holiday + Golden Week in Japan (May), Obon Fes in Japan (Aug), Year-end(Dec/Jan)
- 100% salary in probation period
- Possible to remote working
- Annual health check
- Team buildings, oversea company trips.
- Be trained how to develop a real web service from A - Z and others
- Be trained from basic to advanced about programming languages such as NodeJs, Java, PHP, etc and frameworks such as VueJs, Laravel, React, etc and other technologies such as Docker, Vagrant, Redis, etc
- Be studied with other talent mentors who have many years of experience.
- English lessons with foreign teachers provided.
- Practice your knowledge which you studied from your university.
福利厚生 福利厚生こちらへ

Create opportunities with your own will and achieve them!

Define your own value.
Set high standards and overcome obstacle make you grow up.
But, there is still missing.
We want to take the challenge of creating greater value.
We accept the values of others and encourage mutual growth through relationships.
We feel happy when we accomplish.
We will expand from ourselves to others, develop into teams, organizations, and society.
We have a fair working style in a flat team without hierarchy.
Think and decide by yourself what is best to do.
Rethink the value of the company's existence from zero.

Recruitment Process

  • Step 1 Step 1

    Technical Test + Techincal Interview

  • Step 2 Step 2

    EQ test + Interview

  • Step 3 Step 3

    Final Interview with CEO

Recruitment Info

Job Position C# Engineer
Job Description Support/teach team members to finish their tasks well
Communicate with customer
Getting requirements from Japan
Analytics for the business/technical purposes
Propose the possible best solution
Arrange member’s tasks
Assure the quality of the system
Make and Execute integration test
応募必須条件 下記のすべてのご経験・スキルをお持ちの方
Job Requirements 1.Must-have skills

Experience in development by Java/C#
Experience in developing RESTful API.
Experienced with testing (unit test, IT testing, smoke test,…)
Experienced with database Mysql or other similar such as Postgres, SQL Server, etc
Deep knowledge about OOP, MVC models.
Experience in working on Git flow.
Experience in team management.
Willing to learn new technologies.

2.Nice-to-have skills

Experience in some AWS services such as (EC2, DynamoDB, ….)
Experience in .Net frameworks such as MVC 3,, Entity framework
Experience in Angular is a big PLUS
Experienced in NodeJS
Experience in developing mobile applications
Experience in debugging existing code and strong code reviewing capabilities.
Good English communication (verbal and written) skills
Open mindset
Strong analytical mindset and problem-solving skills
Ability to conduct research into software-related issues and products
Ability to analyze and propose the business requirements
Being studious, active, creative, and positive in working
Extraordinary attention to details
Experiences in encouraging members
Benefits 1. Very attractive and competitive salary PLUS bonus: average 4--5 extra months of salary.

2.Amazing Leave Options –15 days annual leave per year, Vietnamese Holidays + Golden Week in Japan (May), Obon Fes in Japan (Aug), Year-end(Dec/Jan).

3. Hybrid working environment.

3.New Macbook Pro provided.

4. Advanced learning and continuous growth through technical and soft-skills training course provided.

5. Reward and Recognition - Company sponsored trips, team buildings, recognition program and other exciting events monthly.

6. A professional work environment, highly skilled colleagues to learn from both Vietnam-site and Japanese-site where you can develop your IT career and other soft-skills.

7. A flat relation and empowerment system applied, which motivates you actively in working and welcomes to share ideas.

8. Super friendly and supportive colleguages.
福利厚生 福利厚生こちらへ
Work Environment


Super Flexible

We have established attendance rules for each team, and while thoroughly managing working hours, we also ensure a flexible working environment that match with each individual's situation.

Free Location

会社からの支援のもと、国内・国外、都会・地⽅に多様な環境のなかで、新しい⼈や価値観と向 き合い新た な気づきを得て、さらにそれらが点と点として繋がり、 効果的な発達や成⻑を促すことを期待しています。

Psychological Safety Guarantee

With the support of the company, in a diverse environment at Pascalia (Japan, Vietnam, Laos, Canada, urban and rural areas, etc..) we create the environment where you can meet new people and acquire new knowledge, connect together. Regarding that, we hope to encourage effective development and growth.

Information sharing

Regarding the value of sharing all information, we share all information in principle, such as the company's P/L table, own sales, project personnel and recruitment activity expenses. By sharing information, power is distributed and flat relationships are fostered.

Ameba-type Organization

In order to become the best team for an organization based-on Amoeba system, members have the right to tranfer to another team. By applying the seperated financial system for each project, we believe the performance of the team improves. It is reflected in rewards. (PAV discusses 30% of the annual income with the team and distributes the reward.)

The place of learning

With the support of internal and external mentors, we value on investment in members than products, such as technical training, management training and English training. Regarding the feedback of the acquired skills to the organization for training programs and engineer development, the project will grow, and as a result, it will be returned to the individual as an incentive system.

Strategic Corporate Culture Fostering Association

Based on the company's vision and values, we will create an environment that is easy to work in by having employees themselves discuss and decide on systems such as location-free and super flextime, as well as welfare programs. We will pursue true work style reform by having each one of us become an engineer with a sense of management.

Incentive System

Efforts for individual growth and organizational growth that match the mission, vision, and values are assessed on a 10-level scale from C to SS+, and paid once a year.

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